Can You File A Wrongful Termination Suit In An At-Will State?

Many U.S. states are at-will employment states. This means that your employer doesn't need a reason to fire you, nor do they need to provide advanced notice when terminating your employment. However, this doesn't mean you have no legal recourse if you suspect that your employer fired you for an illegal reason. An employment law attorney may advise you regarding whether you have grounds to file a wrongful termination lawsuit.

What Solutions Can Your Lawyer Explore To Stop Your Deportation?

Have you received a notice to attend your deportation proceedings in court? Maybe you were convicted of a criminal offense, your marriage was a fraud, your permanent residence was terminated, or you falsified immigration documents. Immigrants also face removal when they help other immigrants get to the country, violate their immigration status, or enter the country even after a denial. In any case, it's crucial to contact your deportation defense lawyer immediately.

Dealing With Estate Debts: A Guide For Executors

One thing that probate does do a good job of is dealing with the debts left behind by the deceased. In fact, one of the main reasons that probate exists is to make sure that those owed money by the deceased could be part of the estate settlement. If you have been appointed executor or if you are a close family member to the deceased, it may be helpful to understand something about how probate handles the debts of the deceased.

How Do Medical Records Help Your Personal Injury Case?

Whether you were injured in a car accident while driving to school or you slipped and fell in a grocery store, you may have pursued a personal injury case. A personal injury case is serious, and you may want to pursue compensation to ensure that you receive the fair treatment you deserve One way to do that? Medical records. This is how medical records can help you with your personal injury case.

Why Hire A Bankruptcy Lawyer?

The decision to file for bankruptcy is often a difficult choice to make. Most people find themselves facing this tough choice through no fault of their own. Whether it is medical bills, a job loss, or one of many of life's little emergencies that led you to this point, it's a wise idea to hire a bankruptcy lawyer to guide you through the process. Here's why. Bankruptcy Attorneys Offer the Voice of Experience