Special Issues To Keep In Mind When You Are Divorcing And Have An Adopted Kid

If you have an adopted child in your family, then your divorce may be different from that of couples who don't have adopted children. It's not that the court will treat you differently; it's just that some special issues may crop up. Here are three examples of such special issues: The Biological Connection May Work In One Parent's Favor If one of you is the biological parent of the child, then their relationship may be given special emphasis during child custody determination.

5 Steps to Take As a Business Owner If an Employee Accuses a Manager of Sexual Harassment

Being a business owner involves multi-tasking and pretty much being ready for anything. But when an employee files a sexual-harassment claim involving a supervisor or manager, how you react can make a huge impact in whether the issue is resolved properly or your company is held liable for not protecting the health and safety of an employee. If one of your employees files a sexual-harassment claim, take the following steps.