Being An Executor Is More Than Being A Property Distributor: Numerous Duties You Must Perform

So, your parents asked you to be executor of their will. Without a second thought, you agreed. Now that they have passed away, you suddenly realize that you must begin the executor task. You are not only going to appear in court with the probate lawyer, but you are going to act as an "employee of the estate". Why? Because you will have to complete all of the following "work" tasks to effectively execute your parents' will.

4 Things To Consider Before Applying For A Liquor License

If you own a restaurant or other place of business where you wish to sell alcohol, you need to make sure that you meet the legal requirements in place. Most states have their own liquor licensing laws and regulations in place and the application can be a bit of a process. If you're thinking of applying for a liquor license, keep reading to learn what to consider first: Prepare for the Financial Costs

Taking It To The Next Level

When you get hurt at work, you can expect your employer to provide you with a type of insurance that's created just for workers. Workers' comp pays for your accident-related medical care and if you need time off work you may be able to get a portion of your pay while you do that. In most cases, your injury heals in a few weeks or months, and back to work you go.

4 Reasons Why A DIY Divorce Is A Mistake

The internet has drastically changed the world, and in this day and age, you can go online to find solutions for many problems. When a couple is planning to divorce, they may turn to a website that offers DIY divorce services, where the couple prints out the necessary paperwork and then files the documents with the court. While this may seem like an inexpensive and convenient way to deal with a divorce, it is actually a big mistake for many people.

3 Tips For Getting Your Divorce

If you don't want your divorce process to be stressful and cumbersome you'll need to hire the help of a divorce lawyer that is well practiced and trained. No matter what sort of issues are going to be handled during your divorce, it's important that you do your part in researching and understanding what kind of road you have in front of you. To this end, read below and apply the tips presented in this article.