3 Questions That Help A Divorce Lawyer Decide How They Approach Your Case

Filing a divorce can sometimes be the wisest thing you can do. However, you can experience challenges and uncertainties that leave you emotionally and physically drained. For instance, you may wonder how you will pull through life after divorce. It's even worse when you have children because you are unsure of how you will meet their future needs. Fortunately, talking to a divorce lawyer helps a lot because they offer quality support.

However, it would help if you were adequately prepared when meeting the lawyer. The lawyer will, of course, ask you questions that will help them understand your situation. Unfortunately, you may not answer them well if you aren't adequately prepared. For instance, they may ask you questions concerning your previous marriage. In this case, they expect you to give them detailed, accurate information, which they can use to build a strong case. Here are a few more questions your divorce lawyer may ask you.

Why Are You Divorcing?

There are many reasons for seeking a divorce, such as lack of communication, infidelity, and abuse. Usually, divorce lawyers handle cases differently depending on the reasons behind the divorce idea. For instance, a divorce case involving domestic violence differs from one where both spouses choose to end their marriage amicably. So the lawyer may want to know why you want to dissolve your marriage, mainly when kids are involved, to determine if you have a better chance of winning child custody. 

What Is Your Present Living Situation?

Different spouses divorce for different reasons. Surprisingly, some of them live separately before filing for a divorce. So your divorce lawyer may ask you if you still live with your spouse or alone. Also, they may want to know if you have children and if you live with them. Furthermore, they may want to know the age of your children. Are they toddlers or teenagers? They could even ask whether you live in a rental house or your own home. If you took a mortgage, they might want to know if you have already serviced it and if you have other unpaid loans. This helps them have a better picture of your current situation.

What Do You Want So Badly?

The divorce proceedings normally entail a lot of compromise and negotiations. You will likely not have everything you want, but your divorce attorney can help ensure you get what you deserve. With that in mind, be honest and clear about what you want so badly or expect. You may want to keep your marital home or get the kid's custody. Ensure you always let your lawyer know what you want so they can devise a strategy that helps you get it. 

For more information, contact a divorce attorney near you.