How An Attorney Can Help You With Disputes Over A Security Deposit

When you are asking for a security deposit for the first time, it's important to learn about the law regarding security deposits. Different states have different requirements regarding how you can collect a security deposit and how large the deposit can be. If you are not sure whether you are following the rules regarding security deposits, you should consult with a landlord-tenant lawyer. The Maximum Security Deposit Some states place a cap on the maximum security deposit that a landlord can take.

Top 4 Mistakes You Should Never Make When Charged With A DUI

A majority of road accidents occur due to driving under the influence of alcohol and other intoxicating substances. Usually, this offense attracts huge fines and even jail time. On top of this, certain mistakes can negatively affect your case and worsen the situation. This article looks at are some of the mistakes you should avoid if you are charged with a DUI: Assuming You Do Not Have a Defense Even though you have been caught in the wrong, it is not entirely the end of the road.

A Divorce Attorney Helps With The Quest For Stepparent Visitation Privileges

A divorce attorney can provide legal service for stepparents wanting to continue seeing the children after the marriage ends. Some spouses try to block this effort so they don't have to maintain any contact with their soon-to-be ex. Yet when stepparents and the spouse's children have bonded, it's in the best interests of the youngsters to continue that relationship.  The First Step Legal rights regarding stepchildren is a complicated legal issue.

What Kinds Of Products Lead To Class Action Lawsuits?

You may have received a pamphlet in the mail or an email at some point discussing a class action lawsuit you could be a part of. These are lawsuits that involve several people pursuing a case against one entity. Often, this is a company that produces a service or product that has caused harm. So, what types of products may have class action lawsuits tied to them? These are a few common options.

A Personal Injury Attorney Negotiates Fair Settlements For Clients

A person who has been seriously hurt in a vehicle collision may need to hire an attorney if the automotive insurance company is uncooperative. The adjusters may be offering a low settlement or denying the claim altogether. Personal injury attorneys negotiate a reasonable settlement, which can be very difficult for an individual with no professional legal experience.  The Practical Details These lawyers typically do not require upfront payments since a retainer fee could create financial hardship for injured people.