Injured At Work: What A Lawyer Can Do To Help You Get Paid

Are you stuck at home because you have a job injury that you are healing from? If you are struggling with paying your bills because your boss is refusing to give you workers compensation benefits, you can take the situation to court. All you need is a lawyer to help you show the court that the injury is not your fault and that you deserve help with your living expenses until you can safely return to work.

What Can a Lawyer Do to Help an Injured Worker Get Paid?

Hiring a lawyer will give you an ideal of what you are eligible for after getting injured at work. He or she must first assess the situation to determine if you behaved in a negligent manner when the incident took place. For instance, if you were not paying attention to how you were handling harmful tools, the injury may be your fault. By law, your employer does not have to provide workers compensation benefits if the injury could have been prevented by following the rules.

If your lawyer is positive that you handled the dangerous tools safely, he or she will then proceed with your case by speaking to your employer about it. You may be able to avoid going through the court system to get paid if your employer is up for settling the case through mediation. The great thing about mediation is that you can end up with workers compensation benefits faster than going through court.

Before the first mediation session, your lawyer will gather all of the evidence that proves you deserve workers compensation benefits. Evidence will include your medical records detailing the injury, witnesses, and a document from your physician proving that you are unable to work for a specific period of time.

What is the Estimated Price to Hire a Lawyer?

A lawyer can only charge you for a workers compensation case based on what the laws will allow in your state. You can be charged a flat fee if the case is handled through mediation, but some lawyers charge a certain percentage of what you win if the case is resolved through a lawsuit. There are additional charges that you may have to pay as well, which can cost up to $10,000 plus.

Workers compensation benefits are worth fighting for when you know that you did not negligently cause your injury at work. Consult with a lawyer, such as Edward J. Achrem & Associates, Ltd., to see what he or she can do to get you the money you need to pay your bills!