After A Car Accident: The Do's And Don'ts You Need To Know

After being involved in a car accident, the action you do or do not take could mean the difference between getting the compensation you are entitled to or walking away from this accident with nothing more than a damaged vehicle and medical bills that you cannot afford to pay. This is why it is so important to always observe the do's and don'ts outlined below after being involved in an auto accident.

Do document as much of the accident scene as possible. Using your cell phone camera or other mobile device, take pictures of as much of the accident scene as you possibly can. These photos can make a world of difference if the insurance company attempts to challenge liability in your case.

Don't admit liability to anyone. Even something as simple as an apology can come back to bite you if the other driver or responding law enforcement officials mention that you accepted even partial blame for the accident at the scene. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, provide nothing more than your name, driver's license, and insurance information until you have consulted an attorney.

Do have your vehicle towed to the repair shop, even if it can be driven. This will allow you to clearly demonstrate exactly when the damages to your vehicle occurred.

Don't take legal advice from anyone who responds to your accident. While you may be led to believe that the responding officer or tow truck driver have enough experience in dealing with auto accidents to offer you good legal advice, the fact is, no matter how many accidents these individuals respond to, they will never be qualified to offer this type of advice.

Do seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even if you feel fine directly after the accident, there is a chance that you could have suffered injuries that cannot be seen yet. For instance, many internal injuries can take several hours or longer to produce symptoms. Seeking medical attention as quickly as possible after your accident will ensure that undetected injuries do not go untreated and that there is a clear record of what injuries you suffered as a result of your accident.

Don't wait to contact a personal injury lawyer. The sooner you contact an injury lawyer, the more effective they can be in helping to secure the compensation you deserve. Even if you are not quite sure that your accident will qualify as an actionable personal injury claim, you should still contact a reputable lawyer in your area. This will ensure that the final decision regarding the merit of your case is being made by someone who is truly qualified to make this determination. Best of all, there is no cost associated with your ability to consult a personal injury lawyer, like Leen and Emery, so you truly have nothing to lose by making this call.