Keeping All Of The Receipts And Paperwork: Evidence Needed In Product Liability Class Actions

Manufactures and sellers of all products are legally responsible for providing honest, and clear representation of their products. Product liability class actions are filed when consumers experience harm from the design, manufacturing or sale of a certain product.

These cases offer the second-highest median amount of compensation for damages at approximately $300,000; however, to successfully file and build a strong case, it is important to keep all of the receipts and paperwork.

Standard Evidence Required for Filing a Case

As most cases can take awhile to settle, preserving all evidence is fundamental to building a strong case. Most consumers tend to throw out the receipts, the box, the warranty and all pieces of scrap paper after they have purchased a product; however, this can weaken their case.

Consumers want to keep the following documentation to file a standard case:

  • Receipts providing proof of purchase
  • Warranty documentation providing detailed information regarding the type of guarantees that the manufacturing are claiming
  • Installation or repair documentation that verifies that the product has been used, if possible

Filing for Additional Compensation

Most likely, the use of the product has caused either property damage or injuries. Having additional receipts and documentation further strengthens a case and increases the amount of compensation that will be paid out. Consumers have a few options:

  • Repaired the faulty product should take detailed photographs with a repair technician from various angles to show how the product was faulty. A note from the repair technician regarding the type of problems that were present can also prove to be useful.
  • Receipts and invoices, along with photographs, for any repairs that were made for property damage that was caused. For example, if the design of a certain appliance caused water damage, it is important to provide an invoice regarding how much was spent fixing the damage. It is crucial that the damage is fixed as soon as possible. Do not wait, as it is the plaintiff's responsibility to mitigate the severity and extent of the damages.
  • Medical reports and documentation proving injuries. Notes from a general practitioner regarding the extent and severity of the injuries also help build and strengthen a case.


Dealing with a product liability class action can be a headache without the help of personal injury attorneys. Although the attorneys are seeking compensation for a group of consumers as a whole, it is crucial to provide detailed information, so that the attorneys are aware of the amount of compensation that each client deserves based on the unique circumstances of their situation.