Gym Policies Should Protect Members From Avoidable Injuries

A properly managed gym is one that always goes to great lengths to preserve the safety of its members. Commercial fitness establishments with lax safety policies and procedures may present avoidable liabilities. Members of a gym who are injured due to gross negligence, misconduct, poor advice, or lax oversight might wish to consider taking civil action.

Gym Negligence Takes On Many Forms

There are several ways in which a gym presents hazards to members. Members of a gym have to be on the lookout for such things as:

  • Failure to rack weights.

A gym may have a rule in place requiring members rack their weights. Doing so makes sense since weights strewn on the floor create a serious trip and fall hazard. Rules, however, are of no use unless enforced.

The gym should sanction members known to leave weights lying about. A suspension policy that is enforced would indicate the gym is doing what is necessary to reduce hazards. The gym should require employees to return weights not racked to their proper place. Failure to devise and enforce such policies could put negligence on the shoulders of the gym owners.

  • Improper suggestions for the use of tanning beds.

Some gyms provide access to tanning beds. Due to the risk of burns, gym employees have to be careful about how much time they suggest a member spend in a bed. An employee who flippantly suggests someone who never tanned before spend 20 minutes under very hot lights may lead to the gym being held liable for any resultant injuries. The gym should take steps to educate employees about making proper recommendations.

  • Hiring inexperienced personal trainers

Requiring a personal trainer establish educational qualifications by holding a certificate from a reputable health and fitness organization must factor into the hiring decision. The gym should also only hire those with enough experience to properly and safely work one-on-one with clients. Conducting background and reference checks is advisable so as to determine if the prospective trainer presents harassment or inappropriate behavior risks. Remember, gym owners are going to be responsible for the actions of their employees.

Seeking Counsel from an Attorney

If you have been injured at a gym due to outright negligence on the part of management or employees, seek a meeting with a personal injury attorney about the situation. The attorney will examine the merits of the case and then provide counsel on how to move forward. Contact a professional such as Starnes  Rob P. LLC, Attorney At Law for more information.