Workers' Comp And Repetitive Stress Injuries

If you work at a job that requires you to make constant, repetitive motions, you may be suffering from a medical condition known as repetitive stress (or strain) injury. Typing, assembly line work and all types of manual labor could put you at risk for this debilitating disorder. With this type of injury, your ligaments, joints, muscles and nerves can become inflamed and painful over time, with the repeated impact on these areas resulting in a constant cycle of incomplete healing. You should know that you may be entitled to collect workers' compensation for these injuries, so read on for more information about this disorder and how to get compensated.

Three Types of Repetitive Stress Disorders

  1. Bursitis will frequently affect primarily your knees and elbows, and sometimes causes a crackling feeling when bending those joints. This condition results in tenderness and pain in your joint.
  2. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by a compression of nerves in the hands and wrist, which can result in numbness, swelling, burning, tingling, and itching. The nerve passageway in your wrist (the "tunnel"), becomes compressed and damaged with repeated use, such as constant typing on a keyboard or small-scale assembly work.
  3. Tendinitis, as the name suggests, affects the tendons. The skin over the affected area can become reddened and feel warm and painful to the touch. Your range of motion can be severely limited by this inflammatory disorder.

What You Need To Do

These conditions normally worsen over time, so prompt attention is required. Get medical attention, even if you are concerned that workers' comp will not cover your injury. Any medical expenses that you have to pay out-of-pocket can be later recovered if your workers' comp claim is approved.

Getting Compensation

  • Inform your employer as soon as you begin showing symptoms of a repetitive stress injury. Ensure that a workers' comp claim is filed as soon as possible.
  • You must be able to show that your injury was caused by your work. Make sure that you stay consistent with all information given in all accident reports and especially at your doctor's office visits. Your medical records must show a clear work-related complaint for workers comp to cover your claim.
  • Keep in mind that failing to keep your doctor's appointments or not properly following treatments can cause your claim to be denied.

Contact a workers' compensation attorney from a firm like Hamilton Law Firm, P.C. if you are having trouble getting your claim approved. Repetitive stress injuries can be more challenging to prove, so you can increase your chances of success with a competent attorney on your side.