Social Media Is Leading People To Divorce Court – Here Are The Main Reasons Why

Social media is an extremely popular way to keep in contact with friends and family and re-connect with those you might have thought lost to the past. it is a great way to spend time playing games or seeing other parts of the world. However, social media is having an adverse affect on some marriages and leading people to divorce court. While there are a number of reasons this is the case, these are the primary causes of divorce among social media users.

Too Much Online Time

While it is fun to play games on Facebook or keep up with the latest tweets from celebrities, it can have a detrimental effect on a marriage. When one or both partners spend more time online instead of spending time in person with their loved one, it can lead to distance and a definite separation in the relationship.

Hiding Who You Talk To

It is never a good idea to lie about anything in a relationship, but sometimes a white lie comes through. It is even worse to lie about who you are talking to online. You might have met up again with a former friend or even a high school crush, and you don't want to tell your spouse you are talking to them. This can lead to distrust in your relationship, even if you are simply talking about old times.

Wrong Impression

Social media is the place where everyone's life seems so perfect with the seemingly endless pictures of dinners out and vacations. It might seem like your own marriage is seriously flawed and something is missing. The problem is, people only post about happy times with their partner, not the time they fought about doing the dishes. It is easy to get the wrong impression about how your own marriage stacks up against others if you only read people's news feeds.

Personal Information

While it can help to talk to others about problems or even get advice on certain issues, it isn't a good idea to post on social media the problems you are having in your marriage. It breeds distrust and hurt in your spouse and can even make your friends dislike your spouse if they feel more loyal to you. This can change how you see your partner and lead to pulling away from them. It can also lead to an opening for potential affairs when others sympathize with you and talk personal issues with you.  

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