Medical Malpractice Claims To Make Following Lip Injections

If you aren't happy with the look of your lips, you might visit a cosmetic surgery clinic for a consultation about lip injections. This type of procedure can give your lips a fuller appearance, which may help to overcome their natural thin look. Most lip injection procedures go well, and you'll end up happy with how you look afterward. However, a small percentage of cases end up with complications, and this could leave you distraught at your appearance. If you've encountered problems with your lip injections, it may be time to call an attorney whose focus is medical malpractice law. Here are some specific points that may be part of your case.

Lip Unevenness

When you get lip injections, you want the new appearance to be even from one edge of your mouth to the other so that your lips have a natural look. For example, you don't want part of your upper lip to be bulbous on one side and there to be a indentation on another side. Such an appearance can be part of a legitimate medical malpractice case that includes emotional suffering. Given the embarrassment that you'll likely be experiencing as a result of your misshapen lips, it's not a stretch to argue your emotional anguish.

Recovery Complications

Although lip injections are a relatively minor procedure, complications can arise during the recovery phase. For example, it's possible for you to get an infection in this area, which can lead to a multitude of issues, including swelling. Not only will you have the pain and emotional suffering that results from the pain, but you may also have some expenses because of the need for antibiotics to combat the infection. This can make for another strong element of your medical malpractice case.


It's also possible to develop scarring from your lip injections. Perhaps the medical practitioner who was performing this procedure on you took a careless approach and jabbed you several times in the same area with the needle, leaving a visible mark. Or, as a result of an infection and the toll that it took on your body, you could end up with scars that are even larger. As long as your medical malpractice attorney can argue a direct link between the issue and the negligence of your cosmetic surgeon, and can convincingly present the extent of your emotional suffering and financial loss, you should have a convincing case for medical malpractice.