Legal Assistance For A Fiancé Visa

 Falling in love is an experience that can happen when least expected, such as when you are traveling in a foreign country for vacation or another reason. Even if there is only enough time for a short fling during such a situation, it often leads to a relationship that is carried on through alternative methods due to the distance involved. When the relationship gets deeper, it isn't uncommon for such couples to get engaged and start making wedding plans. However, marrying a foreign partner in the U.S. can be a complicated task, as it is necessary for him or her to get approved for a fiancé visa before entering the country will be allowed. This article explains the type of evidence that is needed for a fiancé via to get approved and why hiring a lawyer is the best way to move forward with the filing process.

Proving That the Relationship Is Genuine

The most important aspect of getting your fiancé approved for a visa is to prove that the relationship is genuine. You must prove that the two of you are not attempting to commit marriage fraud, such as him or her paying you to take part in it for immigration purposes. It is also important to prove that he or she is as genuine as you are and isn't deceiving you in an attempt to commit a romance scam. A lawyer will want to hear about the history of your relationship to decide which types of evidence will be the most solid for proving that it is genuine. For instance, you will be asked to provide photographs of the two of you together.

Considering the Children's Involvement

Do you or your partner have any children from a previous relationship? If so, they will play a role in regards to whether or not the visa gets approved or not. It is important for your children to know your partner, even if they have never met him or her in person. The lawyer might ask you if your children as ever met your partner via video call, as well as how often they participated in such calls. You might also be asked how your children feel about your partner, such if they have ever had any complaints of concern. Your involvement with your partner's children will also be brought up during the interview with the lawyer if your partner has any from a previous relationship.

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