What Solutions Can Your Lawyer Explore To Stop Your Deportation?

Have you received a notice to attend your deportation proceedings in court? Maybe you were convicted of a criminal offense, your marriage was a fraud, your permanent residence was terminated, or you falsified immigration documents. Immigrants also face removal when they help other immigrants get to the country, violate their immigration status, or enter the country even after a denial. In any case, it's crucial to contact your deportation defense lawyer immediately. The lawyer knows all the deportation laws and can find a way to defend you in court to avoid deportation. Here is how they can help.

They Help You Apply for Status Adjustment

If you have been placed in deportation proceedings, your lawyer can examine your case to see if you can apply for a status adjustment. This will allow you to become a lawful and permanent resident as long as you petition with a relative who already has citizenship. The process is complex, and you don't have room for mistakes, so allow the deportation defense attorney to guide you through. They understand the law, your situation, and the process of adjusting status and are in a better position to offer sound advice.

They Help You Get Asylum Protection

If an immigrant moved to the country because they suffered prosecution due to their political viewpoint, religious beliefs, race, membership in certain clubs, or citizenship, they shouldn't be deported. If this is the reason why you came to the country illegally, your lawyer will fight to ensure you get asylum. Generally, you should apply this within a year of arriving, but your lawyer will work things out on your behalf if there were delays or you didn't know what you needed to do.

They Help You Get a U-Visa

A U-visa is granted to immigrants who are violence victims. If you fled your country because you suffered physical or psychological abuse, your lawyer will help you get this visa. This will prevent deportation and ensure you get the legal documents eventually. But you'll be expected to help the authorities with the investigations to prevent such criminal activities. 

They Help You Depart Voluntarily

If your deportation is due and you don't want to undergo this unfriendly process, you can get a lawyer to help you acquire a voluntary departure. When you choose to leave voluntarily, there won't be any formal deportation action on your records, meaning you can still be granted access into the country in the future. But you have to leave within the stated time, or the authorities will impose a fine or ban for a certain duration.

So, if you are facing deportation, do not hesitate to contact a deportation defense lawyer to work out a solution for your problem. The earlier you do it, the better.