A Personal Injury Attorney Negotiates Fair Settlements For Clients

A person who has been seriously hurt in a vehicle collision may need to hire an attorney if the automotive insurance company is uncooperative. The adjusters may be offering a low settlement or denying the claim altogether. Personal injury attorneys negotiate a reasonable settlement, which can be very difficult for an individual with no professional legal experience. 

The Practical Details

These lawyers typically do not require upfront payments since a retainer fee could create financial hardship for injured people. They also offer free consultations during which the prospective client can explain what has happened. Once this person becomes a client, the attorney eventually is paid a percentage of the settlement that has been successfully negotiated. This happens when a check is received from the insurer.

Claim Dispute

Insurance companies dispute claims for various reasons. One issue could be the adjuster's expectations for when the claimant should return to work. The company might only be willing to pay for lost wages up to a certain date. This can cause significant financial struggles if the individual feels unable to begin earning money again yet.

Independent Medical Exams

Claimants need verification from at least one physician that they must not start working again until later than that. The doctor could believe that returning to work would cause setbacks in healing.

A claims adjuster may require an independent medical examination from a different physician. This functions as a second opinion to confirm or disagree with the patient's own doctor's viewpoint. The injury attorney represents the client throughout this process, making sure the physician selected will provide an objective opinion.

The Possibility of Light Duty

If the claimant works a strenuous job or an occupation that requires being on one's feet much of the time, the insurance adjuster might inquire whether light-duty tasks are available. Many employers offer this type of work for employees who are temporarily unable to safely perform their job duties. The lawyer will want the doctors involved in the case to determine whether this is a suitable option for the client or not.

Getting Started

Injury lawyers may provide free consultations in person or by phone. Depending on the circumstances, they sometimes visit prospective clients at home or at a nursing facility where the patient is recovering. People who have returned to work might be unavailable during regular business hours, so these attorneys generally are willing to schedule appointments in the evenings or on the weekend. 

If you have a case, contact a local personal injury attorney to get help.