What Kinds Of Products Lead To Class Action Lawsuits?

You may have received a pamphlet in the mail or an email at some point discussing a class action lawsuit you could be a part of. These are lawsuits that involve several people pursuing a case against one entity. Often, this is a company that produces a service or product that has caused harm. So, what types of products may have class action lawsuits tied to them? These are a few common options.

Excessive & Fraudulent Charges

Some class action lawsuits stem from excessive fees or fraudulent fees. For example, you may be able to pursue a case against hospitals that have overbilled you or for excessive fees associated with notary costs or payment card transactions.

Medications & Drugs

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have a responsibility to those who take their medications. The same applies to prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. So, you may see that class action lawsuits have been tied to companies that produce everything from talcum powder to hepatitis medications.

Employer Cases

Employers are often sued via class action lawsuits as well. For example, you may have a strong case against a company that did not pay you properly or that required you to use your own devices for certain types of work. Harassment at work may also lead to these types of cases.

Medical Devices

Medical devices can also be linked to serious injuries and thus, class actions lawsuits may result. These devices may include IUDs, breast implants, hernia mesh, and more. These devices can lead to additional medical expenses and injury, which is why filing a lawsuit is so important.

Defective & Dangerous Products

Unsafe products are another common cause for these cases. For example, you may have a case if you have used a shampoo that caused damage to your hair or scalp, or you might have a case if you have purchased clothing that contained a toxic chemical that caused injury.


Sadly, sexual abuse is all too common in the world today. Many victims of abuse are able to get some financial recourse via a childhood sexual abuse lawsuit with other victims or an organization or individual. Many victims are able to pursue damages for physical and emotional injuries.

Need to File a Lawsuit? See a Class Action Attorney

A class action attorney can help you file the necessary documentation so that you have a better chance at a successful case. Set up a consultation with a class actions attorney today to learn more.