A Slip-And-Fall Accident Can Lead To A Debilitating Head Injury

One of the worst consequences of a slip-and-fall accident is that you might suffer from a serious brain injury. Afterward, the process of recovering might take days, months, or even years. To pay for all of these medical bills, you will need a personal injury attorney to help you reach a settlement.

Take Care of Your Head Injury Immediately

After your slip-and-fall accident, a personal injury attorney will encourage you to receive treatment as quickly as possible. Not only will you be more likely to fully recover, but you will also be more likely to win a personal injury case.

What to Expect from a Head Injury Caused by a Slip-and-Fall Accident

A slip-and-fall accident can easily lead to a traumatic brain injury. This results from blunt force trauma to the skull. Also, the violent jerking of your head can lead to a traumatic brain injury. The most common types of head injuries that can result from a slip-and-fall include:

  • Concussions 
  • Contusions
  • Penetrative brain injuries
  • Diffuse axonal injuries 

If you are experiencing symptoms such as confusion, slurred speech, mood swings, changes to your personality, or cognitive difficulties, you should take these symptoms very seriously and tell your doctor. Also, discuss these issues with an attorney.

Your Initial Consultation

An attorney will try to determine if you have suffered enough damages to justify legal action. Whether or not you will be entitled to compensation depends on:

  • The location of the injury
  • The type of injury
  • Your health at the time of the injury

Even if you have suffered a head injury, your lawyer will only recommend that you take legal action if the settlement you would expect to receive is large enough to justify filing a lawsuit. However, your settlement might be worth more than you think. You will not only be entitled to compensation for medical bills but you could also be compensated for lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. 

How to Determine Liability for a Slip and Fall Accident 

To receive compensation for your slip-and-fall accident, you must prove that a party was negligent and that the negligence directly lead to your injuries. To do this, you will need to show that this party took no measures to prevent the accident or the measures were not sufficient. For example, if your apartment had a serious water leak that caused the lobby of your apartment to become too slippery,