Surviving Divorce: 5 Tips For Determining Your Alimony Settlement

When you first got married, you probably thought that you would be with your spouse forever. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. Divorce itself is tough on your emotions, but it's also rough on your wallet. A household that once had two incomes will be forced to depend on one, unless you qualify for alimony. If you do qualify for alimony, you need to start by determining your settlement amount. Use these five tips to help get the funds you want and need:

5 Tips To Help You Keep Your Pet During A Divorce

A divorce is hard enough when it affects just the two of you, but pets can add a new layer of difficulty to the proceedings. The court generally looks at pets as property, which means they are divided up between the two divorcing parties. The following tips can help you increase your chances of keeping your pet. Tip #1: Be Willing to Compromise This may mean giving up something else that by all rights should belong to you, such as a vehicle, house, or other item of relative value and use.

Shared Or Joint Child Custody: How They Differ

Child custody issues can be among the most contentious areas when parents divorce. The level of cooperation and respect that a divorcing couple demonstrates for each other can have an tremendous effect on how long your divorce case drags on and how much money gets spent to litigate it. Making a good, fair and workable child custody agreement outside of court can be extremely beneficial; after all, who knows whats best for your child other than you?

Dealing With A Parent Who Doesn't Pay Child Support

Unfortunately, many single parents have to deal with an ex who refuses to pay child support. If you have been unable to come to a friendly agreement with your child's other parent, then you may need to start some legal procedures to recover the money you're owed. Here's what you need to know about legally collecting child support from an non-supportive partner. How to File a Child Support Dispute There are a few ways that you can start a child support dispute, and a lawyer can help you to navigate each of these options.

What Are Hazing Injuries And Who Is Legally Liable?

When you hear the word "hazing", you might think of college students doing dangerous acts as an initiation into a fraternity or sorority. However, hazing is not limited to just the college years. It can take place in high school, on sports teams, and the military and it is more serious than it is treated by mainstream media and Hollywood. Hazing is typically abusive and degrading behavior a person is forced to participate in to be accepted into a group.